Basic. Fundamental. Kowledge.

Currently, I’m a happy camper since two blog posts were recently written on absolutely fundamental subjects which for me fall into the category: “Know and understand these concepts or just please don’t touch any OBIEE RPD, thanks.”

First post is from Andy Rocha over at RittmanMead and concerns LTSs and outer join pruning:

Second one is from Jeff McQuigg on dimensionsal hierarchies and – by extension – the “dreaded” content level tab:

Both of these posts touch on subjects which are the subject of questions about 10 times a week on forums.oracle.com and comunities.oracle.com …each!
LTS modelling (one vs several), non-conformed dimensionalities in business models (leading to nQSError: 14025 and his buddies) and all the other beautiful and powerful options that the RPD gives you are still amongst the least understood subjects.

These are basics which must be understood. Comprehension is mandatory! Not just slavish adherence to “best practice guides” or “replicating what the guy before you did”.

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