I realized this one while importing a rather large cube on a test machine. After the initial import of the cube definitions into the physical layer, I pulled everything over into the BMM layer and saw that dimensions I’d expect were missing completely from the business model. Checking back on the physical layer I saw the corresponding hierarchies were missing as well.

Re-importing and fumbling around didn’t resolve this while doing a cross-check import on my laptop produced a correct representation in both the physical layer and the BMM layer.

Luckily, it seems I wasn’t the only one hitting this issue since a Metalink search yielded document 872342.1. The issue is, that the Essbase API doesn’t find enough open ports to import the outline successfully.

Workaround: Open the registry and navigate to:


Modify / create the DWORD parameter “MaxUserPort” to / with value 65534. Then apply the changes, start the Admin Tool again and re-run the import.