I recently ran into the situation where the primary mount for a Linux tech account running an OBI install was just way too small to get OBIEE through.

Prerequisite check “CheckSystemSpace” failed.
The details are:
Required amount of space(17499.766MB) is not available.

So with a bit of hacking I got around it by displacing the ./patch_storage directory and forcing opatch to stop doing a file system check (basically no “df -h” )

1.) displace ./patch_storage to a mount with enough space (but keep a backup in place just in case…)

cp -r /FMWH/Oracle_BI1/.patch_storage /data/NASmnt00001/

mv /FMWH/Oracle_BI1/.patch_storage_bkp

2.) create a symbolic link to take the place of ./patch_storage

ln -s /data/NASmnt00001/.patch_storage ./.patch_storage

After this step if you execute opatch normally, it will still fail with “CheckSystemSpace” failed.

3.) Have opatch omit the space check:

opatch napply -silent /data/NASmnt00001/ -id 16569379,16913445,16997936,17300045,17300417,17922352,17922552,17922577,17922596 OPatch.SKIP_VERIFY_SPACE=true


(h/t @G_Ceresa for being picky and getting on my nerves with “That’s not proper.” … I said it’s a hack, mate ;-))