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OBI dashboard subpages in

A new functionality has been introduced in the latest release of OBI – – which has gone a bit unnoticed since it hasn’t been included in the documentation anywhere. This is surprising since it’s been requested since a long time.

Dashboard subpages!

As of this release the usual 3-level dashboard hierarchy has been transformed into a 4-level one:

  • Dashboard group
  • Dashboard
  • Dashboard page
  • Dashboard subpage

dashboard sub-pages

Configuration is very straight-forward. Just click the usual “Add” button which will give you two options as of now:


4 Comments to “OBI dashboard subpages in”

  1. Francisco

    Thanks for sharing, I am bafled as to why this feature was just introduced and not years ago! Users have been requesting it for a long time (obiee 10g era)…too little too late imho.

    1. webmaster Author

      It just never got a high priority but would have been a quick win.

      “Too little too late” – if this functionality is a deciding factor for continuing with OBI or choosing it over another tool then I think the problem is somewhere else. It’s GUI tricks and if those control a decision process, then “Good night project!”.

  2. Francisco

    Not a deciding factor, but there is laundry list of features that could have been implemented as “quick wins” for OBIEE, several of my US federal agencies customers are giving up on OBIEE(unfortunately) because of this. Hopefully 12c will reverse this trend, I personally think that OBIEE is among the best “no fluff” BI tools out there.

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