Changing print controls through catalog manager

Recently I was off to change the print options on all of my dashboard pages. Naturally, as with all setting, this is encoded in the XML and can be mass-manipulated by the catalog manager.

Here’s the section in the XML, changed for landscape format, A4 paper size (yes, no weird US sizes ;-)) and explicit exclusion of headers and footers:

< ?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
< sawd:dashboardpage sawd="com.siebel.analytics.web/dashboard/v1" saw="com.siebel.analytics.web/report/v1" xmlversion="200705140" isempty="false" duid="hsdfj3478387bs82" personalselections="true">
< span style="font-weight:bold;">
< saw:pageheader show="false">
< saw:pagefooter show="false">
< /saw:pagefooter>
< /saw:pageheader>


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