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Swiss readers?

No use hiding, folks. I see that there’s people from CH browsing my blog. Yes, and I’ve also seen the connection from Baden and the Oracle CH offices 😉

So please leave a comment. I’d like to see who’s actually interested in this here in Switzerland.


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  1. Hi Jake,

    most of the collective know-how on best practices and lessons learned is contained in the various blogs.

    These are just some of the core blogs which you should follow.
    Likewise, it’s a good thing to check out the OTN forums:

    In the different OUGs (Oracle User Groups) you will find presentations and speeches held by members on their findings.

    As for books…well join the club to wait for Mark Rittmans book. I think right now he’s the only one working on one right now. OBIEE that is.

    BI in general is a different story. There’s truckloads of those out there. It really depends on your existing know how and the area you want to go into (also, the type of position you’re targetting). In terms of really starting at the basis, I’m a puritan and I’d suggest Inmon and Kimball.

    Ok so much for right now. If you have more specific question, just drop me a line whenever you want.


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