Troubleshooting problems with Target Level – Sampling Tables

Greetings, programs!

A little excursion into the little-known world of Marketing Analytics. Namely sampling tables for target levels. Here’s some tips for getting them to work correctly:

I.) Check that there is a physical table mapped that to the W_ table defined as SAMPLE_W_ has Object Type “None”…otherwise you can’t select a dynamic name for the table. “General” tab:

II.) Check that the correct Sampling Table identifier is associated with the physical table in the “Dynamic Name” tab:

III.) Creating new target levels in Siebel Analytics:

  • After creating new target levels for marketing segmentation, it is necessary to administer them correctly in the Presentation Server
  • Start the BI Server with the new rpd
  • Go to “Admin”
  • Go to “Manage Marketing Defaults”
  • Choose the “Default Campaign Load File Format”, the “Default Global Audience Segment” and the “Profile Dashboard” for each Target Level
  • If you don’t yet have these items, create them

IV.) Creating an Answer request as “Profile Dashboard” for a target level:

  • Create the request as usual with the columns you want to have displayed.
  • To make it work for the drill down on the segment count, add a filter that prompts for the ID. E.g.: “ROW_ID is prompted”

End of line.

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