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Just got this update from metalink while working on an SR:

“If it is, please note that there is a patch for windows 32 bits to fix this bug in, and also this bug is fixed in the patch set which should come out at the end of april.
Please note that a number of fixes will be included in the patch set, and it might be better to apply this patch when it comes out.”

Finally. Currently it’s a real “patchwork” (pun intended) with all the stuff flying around.



  1. Even though it’s a good news, I think we’ll be waiting for 11g. There’re several bugs that affect us, but we’ve created a work-around for them (one of the bugs is very bad one – logical filter in WHERE clause in RPD doesn’t work with time-series functions – I had to write some views). But at least they’re working on improvements.

  2. Hi wildmight,

    Nice to see you on my blog! For OBIEE I’d say it depends on which errors you’re facing exactly and how many are fixed in .1

    Where Essbase is concerned, things look a bit different. There’s a whole list of patches which are crucial. There’s loads of work to be done in that area (first version with real integration and whatnot).


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