Oracle: Total BI

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Last Saturday I had a nice chat with the guys from RittmanMead and Jon was inquiring as to why I’m not blogging my findings and thoughts, which I frequently send out. Prime reason – and he fully agreed with that – is the “assumed knowledge” factor.

When I note something for myself (i.e. offline braindumping), I can’t help but wonder whether it would be “blog-worthy” or not. Obviously the answer normally was: “Naah. That’s too basic” or “That’s way too case-specific to be explained in a way useful to others”. Some time afterwards, lo and behold! Venkat, Mark, John or one of the other usual suspects write about since they stumbled upon it themselves, someone asked the question (for the hundredth time) on OTN or because they’re working through their collected project post-its.

So he got me thinking. Then this week: enter Chet Justice (aka oraclenerd). He basically asked his audience to “pressure” me into blogging.

Well Jon, Chet (and all the others who kept asking the same)…here I am.

Cheers guys!

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