If you’re into cloud, analytics, data and everything around then join us for the second Oracle Analytics meetup which we’ll be hosting on the 20th of September 2018 in Geneva, Switzerland.

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1) Graph Databases and Graph Analytics: the new weapon of Business Analytics

Graphs are around for ages, for many it’s a bunch of mathematical theories, for others some kind of highly specialized engines. In reality almost any kind of information can easily be represented as a graph, and a graph can have various advantages over a relational approach to data and analysis.

2) Oracle Analytics Cloud New Features

What has changed, what is new in Oracle Analytics Cloud? We will look at the major changes in the 5th big release of OAC – 18.3.3. Main areas cover data flows, data preparation, visualization, sources, BI Publisher and Essbase.

3) Machine Learning Alleviates ‘Blank Canvas’ Syndrome

For an artist or a writer, a completely blank canvas might inspire the next Rembrandt masterpiece or Pulitzer Prize winner. For a business manager performing data analytics, a blank canvas might cause extreme terror. Discover how to use Oracle Analytics Cloud to avoid ‘Blank Canvas’ Syndrome with Machine Learning and find trends that will help you improve your decision-making.


It has been 19 months since the GA of OBIEE
11g and its third incarnation ( is celebrating its one-month-birthday
today. Time to make a point on the support situation for all OBIEE 10g
implementations out there:
The last 10gR3 versions ( will
reach the end of the Permier Support lifecycle in 4 months, July 2012.
The full documentation for lifetime support
of Fusion Middleware products can be found here, on the Oracle website
(last updated February 2012). The screenshot above can be found on page
13 of the pdf.
So to wrap up: the product has had more than
one and a half years to mature, Oracle provided us with two new version
since the release and with the end of premier support quickly coming up,
this is really the moment to start thinking about upgrading your 10g solutions!

Hi guys,

Just quickly to let you all know. I’m not cutting you out of the loop by not writing on the details, but if I’d have to document all tests I run and all issues I find, I will still be here next month.

Bottom line:
– watch out for with 734908
– watch out for with 844119
– watch out for

With those three versions be VERY careful that you test each and every report you have running against Essbase.

I will update you as soon as I can with a finalized overview. Probably only once Oracle has come back…


Larry definitely has got too much money:


I vote for naming his next yacht “Ra”…or even cooler. “Sol Invictus” ;-))